Translation Language Services

After several years of experience in the field of translation and interpreting, Translation translations has taken one step further in its specialization towards new linguistic services that are fully adapted to the needs of each organization. This is how comes the brand new Translation Language Services, offering possibilities that go far beyond the traditional technical translation of documents.

With a history of more than 15 years, and after having obtained the recognition and consolidation as a leading company in technical translation in Spain, the company decided to carry out a successful process of expansion into the United States in 2013 and toward the Asian market in 2015. today the company becomes Translation Language Services, offering clients an integral service of linguistic advice, giving rise to a more close and personalized treatment.

Translation Language Services, through linguistic consultancy service, manages thus to expand the opportunities for its customers establishing considerable advantages as the figure of the language, consultant specialist responsible for knowing and aligned with the client’s objectives for specific solutions. This causes a greater ease in achieving purposes as a reinforcement of the brand in the market, an increase in quota of internationalization or an expansion of the company abroad’s digital presence.